BSEC to hold 5th Roadshow in Qatar

The Bangladesh Securities and Exchange Commission (BSEC) will arrange another roadshow in Qatar this year to attract foreign investment.

The Qatar Road Show would be the fifth such international event of the BSEC.

The stock market regulator took the initiative to expand the country’s stock market in the international arena and woo foreign investors. The two-day roadshow will be held in Doha, Qatar on 18-19 May in 2022, according to BSEC sources.

The roadshow will be attended by various institutional and individual investors and stakeholders. Guests from Bangladesh will address the event on behalf of institutional and individual investors from different sectors.

The invited guests will be briefed on the investment opportunities in Bangladesh, various development activities, investment-friendly policies of the government, the situation in the stock market and the overall economy and the cooperation of the government of Bangladesh in foreign direct investment (FDI).

Besides, various investment data will be presented to make the country interested in investing in the stock market.

In particular, the strategy and overall security of how expatriates and foreign investors will invest directly in the stock market will be highlighted.

Earlier, the BSEC conducted roadshows in Dubai, the United States, Switzerland and the United Kingdom.

After Qatar, the BSEC plans to organize roadshows in Singapore, Germany, Canada, Russia, Italy, Hong Kong, Japan, Malaysia and other countries.

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